12 September 2016 – Joel


Kathryn Joel – Owner

Get Cooking

Kathryn founded Get Cooking in 2011, initially teaching classes from her home kitchen in Riverbend in SW Edmonton.  In September 2014 Get Cooking moved to its new commercial location within the campus of Grant MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton.

A graduate of  Le Cordon Bleu London and of Leiths School of Food & Wine, Kathryn has lived in England, Scandinavia and the United Sates as well as in Ontario and now Alberta.  And her love of cooking has inspired her continued travels around the globe experiencing and exploring its diverse culinary traditions.  Kathryn’s cooking classes draw on her passion for the culinary traditions of the world as well as her commitment to supporting local producers and suppliers with the use of fresh, local and artisanal ingredients.

At Get Cooking, Kathryn’s aim has been to combine her culinary expertise with her commitment to uncomplicated, approachable cooking.  Her belief is that with some basic cooking skills and a good local knowledge of where to source the right ingredients, anyone can bring flavours from around the world into their own kitchens.

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