13 December 2010 – KOLSKOG



Chef Maynard Kolskog

Senior Instructor (Evening Dining) – NAIT Culinary Arts


Originally from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Evening Dining Instructor Chef Maynard Kolskog completed NAIT’s Commercial Cooking program in 1980. He attributes the late John Butler as a positive influence on his culinary journey, which has included:

1. An apprenticeship at Edmonton’s Four Seasons Hotel under noted Executive Chef Beat Hegnaur.
2. A cycling adventure through Europe, where he educated his palate through the discovery of European cuisines and regional wines.
3. A tenure at Bella Festa, a popular Edmonton eatery, where he furthered his knowledge of Italian cookery. He later purchased the restaurant, renamed it Tavola Da Pranza, and operated it for a number of years with his wife.
4. A position as Executive Sous Chef at the Delta Centre Suite Hotel.
Maynard came full circle when he joined NAIT’s Culinary Arts instructional team in 2001, reuniting with fellow program grads David Whitaker and Alan Dumonceaux, and other faculty members. As Evening Dining Instructor, he has incorporated principles of molecular gastronomy into Ernest’s menu, raising diners’ sensory experiences with the food and the dining room to a whole new level.
Maynard has a passion for the arts, which includes a love of music. As an accomplished guitar player, he enjoys playing “hippie-country” music with NAIT’s house band. He enjoys summers in the Okanagan, good red wine, slow cooked braises and rustic Italian cuisine.
Maynard has taught a full range of apprentice cook and culinary arts courses, and feels very privileged to share his experience and knowledge with aspiring Culinary Arts students. He extends a warm welcome for all to enjoy the fine cuisine prepared by these students during the school year.
Chris Tom-Kee
Sous-Chef  – Unheardof Restaurant

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