13 Feb 2012 – Sung


Executive Chef – Bistecca Italian Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Sonny Sung’s life story is one of hard work, perseverance and passion.

Born in Taiwan and raised in Japan, it was early in his childhood when Sung felt he had been given a gift – a passion for cooking. However, because his parents disagreed, he says he had to fight his Asian family’s traditional belief that cooking was only for women.

Sung persevered and today, is considered to be one of Edmonton’s most respected corporate chefs.

Graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of New York in 1989, he honed his culinary skills working for major hotel chains like Hilton, Royal York, The Westin and Ramada before moving to Edmonton.

Soon after arriving in Edmonton, Sung became a part owner and an Executive Chef at Claude’s where he worked for ten years. He then joined the culinary team of La Ronde-Crowne Plaza for a year before accepting the position of Executive Chef for Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group. Today Sung pours his passion and creativity into the delectable culinary creations at the new Bistecca Italian Steak House Wine Bar, owned by Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group.

Chef Sonny Sung believes in cooking with passion. In fact, he credits his passion toward cuisine that has led him to his success as Sorrentino’s Executive Chef. Every dish that Sung creates and serves comes straight from his heart.

Just as a composer needs to create and play the music with feeling, every dish he creates and serves has to come from the heart. He claims that his restaurant patrons must not only taste his food, but that they must also “feel” it. Only then does he feel that he is successful at his craft.

Staffing is also an important key in Sung’s formula for success. He inspires his staff to adopt the same vision in cooking – serving every dish to perfection with passion and pride. Sung says he hires people who are eager to learn, who have good attitudes and are team players. It goes without saying that he also looks for those who have great creativity since creativity is one of the most important ingredients in cooking.

“In life, I believe that one can’t be successful if one doesn’t work with passion. My present goal is to promote Italian cuisine to Albertans, and, most importantly, to make Sorrentino’s the number one Italian restaurant chain in Alberta’s high-end category.” – Sonny Sung

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