9 May 2011 – David

Chef Emmanuel David

Executive Chef – Matrix Hotel Chain/La Persaud

Executive Chef Emmanuel David was born in Granada. After his arrival Emmanuel attended college in Montreal, moving west to Regina in 1982. Since then, Emmanuel has steadily gained recognition for his talents, working in kitchens across North America and competing in numerous national and international culinary competitions.

Some of the highlights of Emmanuel’s career have included preparing a state dinner for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, opening his own restaurant in west Edmonton, and participating in top-level international culinary competitions for both Culinary Team Canada and Culinary Team Alberta.

Emmanuel is well known for his impressive competitive career. Since he first stepped into the culinary arena, Emmanuel has been awarded 8 individual gold medals in provincial culinary competitions. Internationally, Emmanuel has won three individual gold medals, and one team silver medal as part of Culinary Team Canada and one individual silver medal and one team silver medal as part of the renowned Culinary Team Alberta.

Emmanuel is the Corporate Executive Chef for La Persaud Food & Beverage, and can be found in the kitchens of Bistro La Persaud and the Matrix Hotel. In addition, Chef Emmanuel is involved in opening a new restaurant and banquet facility which is scheduled to launch this summer.

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