Edmonton Gentlemen’s Dinner Club

The Edmonton Gentlemen's Dinner Club

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are”.
– Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)

Welcome to the Edmonton Gentleman’s Dinner Club

A Brief History

Founded in 2009, the Edmonton Gentlemen’s Dinner Club is a nonprofit social club comprised of gentlemen who, through a common interest in gastronomy, created a forum for fellowship and friendship. Club Members meet monthly at least eight times per year where, under the tutelage of a guest chef, gourmet meals are prepared and served by Members for the benefit of each other, paired with fine wines chosen by the Club Sommelier .

The governing principles are as follows:
  • 1. As a nonprofit entity, the Club shall not endorse or promote commercial products or political organizations or causes; and
  • 2. The Club and its Members shall, while attending Club affairs, at all times conduct itself with courtesy and respect, and in a manner that invites fraternity among Members, and the good will of the Community in general.

Monthly Meetings

A typical monthly meeting of the Club begins around six in the evening as Members gather to enjoy a pre-dinner glass of wine, meet the guest Chef, and hear the Chef explain the gourmet menu created for the evening. Teams are formed and each team assumes the responsibility to prepare one of the courses and to serve it to the Members and the guest Chef.

During preparation, the Chef provides guidance to each team. Team Members for one course also have ample opportunity to learn the technique and special preparation tips for the other courses.

Except for some final, finishing touches, the major preparation is completed by approximately 8:30 and accompanied by a wine that has been specially selected to enhance each course, Members sit to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

A toast by a Member begins each course, and during the meal, the preparation and presentation of each course is explained by the team and the Chef provides additional comment and constructive critique. The Club Sommelier also speaks to the wine pairing for each course. At the end of the meal, the guest Chef provides his final summation and Members show their appreciation for the creativity and efforts of the Chef. A quick cleanup brings the evening to a close at around ten thirty.

The primary focus of Club cooking events is a culinary education; however, it is expected that this is to occur within an atmosphere of camaraderie and fellowship. While the tone is informal, courtesy and respect at all times prevails, and attention to directions and diligence of purpose necessary to ensure success.


Members in good standing may invite a guest to attend any of the regular Events.  A prospective member may be proposed for Club membership, subject to approval of the Executive Board. Upon acceptance for membership, a new member will pay a New Member Fee to cover the cost of the annual dues as well as the purchase of a chef’s coat, hat and apron with the Club’s logo.

Members maintain their good standing by regular attendance at monthly events, keeping annual dues and event fees current and supporting regulations on safety, appropriate dress and behaviour during club events.

Meeting Venue and Acknowledgement

The Club holds its regular monthly meetings at Sorrentino’s Cafe on 109th street. The Club wishes to acknowledge with sincere thanks the generosity and support of Carmelo and Stella Rago, the Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group, Sorrentino’s Catering Chef Manager and Club ‘Chef in Residence’ Chris Hrynyk, and  Shairing Vashum, each of whom have contributed so greatly to the success and enjoyment of the Club.

Scott Montgomery